Ji教授, Heo 教授の講演会


講師:Un Cig Ji 教授(Department of Mathematics, Chungbuk National University)

   Jaeseong Heo 教授(Department of Mathematics, Hanyang University)           


題目: 14:50~15:50 U.C. Ji

        Heat Semigroup Associated with Quantum Exotic Laplacians

    16:00~17:00 J. Heo

        Quantum channels in Krein spaces and PPT square conjecture



Professor Ji:

The hierarchy of exotic Laplacians is a natural extension of the usual LevyLaplacian. We discuss quantum extensions of the exotic Laplacians which iscalled the quantum exotic Laplacians. We study Weyl operators as eigen-operators of the quantum exotic Laplacians and then we construct the heat semigroup associated with the quantum exotic Laplacians. This talk is based on a joint work with L. Accardi and K. Saito.

Professor Heo: 

To be announced