Un Cig Ji (池雲植)教授講演会


講師:Un Cig Ji 氏(韓国忠北国立大学教授)           

題目: A Quantum Analogue of White Noise Delta Functions



要旨:In this paper, we construct a quantum analogue of white noise delta functions.

   For our main purpose, in an abstract setting, we first study white noise delta   functions on two-variable white noise test functionals and then we discuss  canonical topological isomorphisms between the spaces of white noise operators and the spaces of two-variables white noise functionals. Then based on the  canonical topological isomorphisms, we study a quantum analogue of white noise delta functions which satisfies a quantum analogue of Schrödinger equations.

This talk is based on a joint work with L. Accardi and K. Saitô.